Effective communication is very important to us at ISB and we try to ensure that we communicate with members of our school community in diverse ways. All of our publications are available as downloads from our web site www.isob.no and ISSUU. In addition we have paper copies available upon request or at, for example, Parent Information Sessions.

We are also active on Facebook and Twitter and you are invited to like us and/or follow us respectively. Mr G(agnon), Deputy Director – Lower School and Eline Blom Dubruille, Communications Officer, are leading the way in ensuring that these social media platforms are updated as frequently as possible.
Just before the end of last school year we started up blogs from lower school classrooms and curriculum coordinators in order to make our communication flow even more direct.
In upper school, we use the Its Learning learning management platform for communicating about curriculum and ongoing learning in Grades 6 through 10. All upper school students should be using this tool on a daily basis and parents are given logins and passwords too so that they can follow the learning and keep up to date with assignment deadlines, etc.
Communication though is a two-way process, so we invite parents and students to tell us about good ideas, events or what we could do better. My very best wishes to all for a productive and communicative school year!

Thank you,
June Murison, Director