Community Participation

Chair: Ekaterina Mohn, local community representative
Vice-Chair: Jan Brøgger, parent-elected member
Treasurer: Manisha Aarseth, parent-elected member
Member: Eva Skogen, representative of sponsoring companies
Member: Solveig Wivestad, staff-elected member
Member: Ivan Bråthen Buljovcic, parent-elected member
Deputy member: Juliet Crossley-Nilsen, deputy staff-elected member


ISB is governed by a democratically elected Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for establishing school policy and making major decisions such as the approval of the annual budget. The day-to-day operation of the school is the responsibility of the School Director and Leadership Team parametered within the school's programme set forth in Board Policy.


The Board endorses the concept that parent, staff and student participation in the affairs of the School is essential if the School is to attain and sustain the high level of educational excellence our students deserve.

For that reason, all parents, staff and students are encouraged to express ideas, concerns and suggestions about the School through advisory bodies known as community participation groups. An overview of these groups is shown in the chart below. Each group has its own Charter.

Advice and feedback received through the community participation groups will be taken into consideration by the Board and the administration in their decision making. However, final decisions will be made based on the Board's and the administration's own best judgement.